Friday, March 19, 2010

Stacey Hacks Jackie's Blog! Part One: Are you Excited?

99.9% Of all people have asked me the same question about having a baby..."are you excited?" The minus .01% is my Mom who said, "0hhhhhhh Stacey that is wonderful!" I have been asked over a hundred times now and my answer is always the same, but my tones are different with the people who ask me.

Some ladies have asked me, like at the bank, they ask me just so I can say yes and then they can share me their stories of the first time they were expecting a child. My experience in the last few months is that these are long stories, really long stories. Others ask and then look me into the eyes to see if i mean what i am about to say, to see if i am REALLY excited. These I like the most because I can whip out my sarcasm...
"so are you excited?" they ask.

I respond, "nahhhhh, I have many children all over the world!"

Our friends have all asked me the question and the truth comes out. My words are void but it is my smile where they find the answer. The truth is I am overjoyed, ecstatic, nervous yet confident, and most completely in love with Jackie.

My Love, you had this one coming. I am touched by your constant thoughtfulness. That is the only reason I hacked your blog.

Love your Man Meat,
(by that I mean real tough man meat)

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