Friday, April 9, 2010

Shut Your Mouth When You're Talking to Me

A Brief List of Comments to Avoid with Pregos

1 – Are you having twins?

2 – Looks like you’re having twins!

3 – I can’t believe you’ve already outgrown your clothes.

4 – You really might be having a girl, my friend who had a girl gained weight all over, too.

5 – You are bigger than you should be at this point (especially bad when spoken by a medical professional who is nor your doctor, or an OB-GYN)

6 – Maybe you are having a boy and a girl.

7 – Don’t drink coffee! You’re hurting your child! (After explaining I allow myself several small cups a week)

8 – You will be overdue, admitted with Pitocin, and receive a C-section. (I am not kidding, a total creeper sat at my bar and told me this after I revealed my strong desire to have a 100% natural home birth)

9 – You will always retain some of this weight.

10 – You haven’t gained all that weight in your ass yet…. You will!

An Even Briefer List of Comments Encouraged with Pregos

1 – You are glowing.

2 – You are beautiful.

3 – You are all belly!

4 – Don’t worry, women were designed to give birth, you will do great.

5 – You and Stacey will be the best parents!

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