Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Falling in Love with a Stranger

Weeks before Jack was born, maybe even months before, I very clearly remember saying to Stacey, "Does it blow your mind that we are going to meet someone that nobody has ever met before?"

His response was (no offense) so typically male, "Yeah".

It overwhelmed me to think that we'd be the first to lay eyes on a BRAND NEW human being - it still blows my mind! I mean... come on! That's wicked cool! It was, in reality, so much better than I ever dreamed. It wasn't as if Jack came into the world and everything was A-OK, hunky-dorey, no-big-deal. Everything was INCREDIBLE.

I anticipated Jack being immediately placed on my chest after coming out. Unfortunately, his heartrate had dramatically dropped in the birthing canal, so he needed a little warming up, so to speak. I immediately, without even thinking, shrieked with worry - "WHY ISN'T HE CRYING? WHAT IS WRONG?"

And then he was in my arms, pink and making plenty of noise! If my memory serves me right, I introduced myself, cordially, to the only stranger I've ever loved. I smoothed his cheeks and kissed his head, and I told him I loved him right then and there. If you've ever seen me fall in love, you already know it takes a while for a gal like me. Not the case with Jack Harper Rachdorf. The love I have for this amazing boy existed from the moment the little stick turned pink. Jack's Daddy is the love of my life, and Jack is the meaning of life - geez, does it get any better?

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